1200% Increase in RFI Response Capacity for Economic Development Organization

1200% Increase in RFI Response Capacity for Economic Development Organization

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to streamline the arduous RFI process.
  • A partnership with an agency that fully understands the economic development process can be an investment beyond branding and web development.
  • Perfected RFI processes can directly affect the success rate of valuable leads.


One of our Economic Development Organization clients did not have the capacity to respond to RFIs quickly and with consistency. MBG developed a template and process that increased our client’s response rate by 1200%.


1200% increase in RFI response capacity


This particular Economic Development Organization did not have a streamlined process in place for RFIs since the EDO had spent years without a permanent director. MBG conducted an executive search to find the right director and also completed a community assessment to offer guidance.

The RFI process was arduous and the team member responsible for RFIs also had numerous other responsibilities. Although responding to the RFIs was of extreme importance, they were often pushed off due to other tasks.

Additionally, because there was not a designer on staff, the RFIs lacked the “wow factor” that many competitors had


MBG stepped in to streamline the RFI process. This began with creating a new template for RFIs. Next, our team created a workflow for our client to regularly request RFIs. MBG brought new resources to a small, rural community while increasing their RFI Capacity. Through these expansive new opportunities, the EDO elevated their brand.

Once the template and processes were in place, our team was able to produce 1200% more RFIs on behalf of our client – the most they had ever been able to produce. The client simply selected the RFIs they wanted to pursue, and then our team crafted a response using approved language and templates. The client reviewed the response and submitted it to the RFI vendor.